Hybrid Car Maintenance in Park Gate, Fareham and the Surrounding Areas

Our testimonials prove that EJ’s Motor Services Ltd offers a trustworthy and reliable roadside service for customers in Park Gate, Fareham and the surrounding areas covered by our team of 24-hour mobile mechanics. We also provide a full range of electric car repairs and hybrid car maintenance services, taking care of modern vehicles whilst still repairing and servicing petrol and diesel-powered cars. Our flexibility means we’re available for households and businesses, regardless of what types of vehicles are in use. 

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Hybrid Cars Explained

The most common form of hybrid car combines a diesel or petrol engine with an electric motor, sharing the vehicle's functionality whilst lowering fuel consumption. The motor is powered by a battery charged via the car’s braking system and combustion engine. Once charged, the battery runs the electric motor. 

The motor provides additional support when the car travels uphill or accelerates, and the engine will kick in at faster speeds. Overall, these two systems work perfectly in tandem, providing a reliable power source whilst remaining more cost-effective.

Hybrid Car Maintenance by EJ’s

Like any other vehicle, combustion or electric, hybrid cars still require regular maintenance and servicing. Most vehicles should be checked annually or every 10,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Your owner’s manual will provide more specific information. 

Our 24-hour mobile mechanics at EJ’s Motor Services provide full safety and system checks, general maintenance, parts replacements, and repairs. 

Signs that a hybrid vehicle requires attention include the following:

We advise our customers in Park Gate, Fareham and the surrounding areas to regularly check batteries to ensure they are in good condition and not showing any unusual signs of degradation. They must also be topped up with distilled water – which our mechanics will always have on hand should you require roadside assistance. 

It’s also essential to check your brakes frequently, as they are an integral part of battery charging. And, as with all cars – diesel, petrol, electric or hybrid – good tyre pressure is vital for prolonging fuel economy. 

If you have any questions, our mobile mechanics at EJ’s Motor Services are on hand to offer advice, provide breakdown assistance, or visit your home or premises to carry out full system checks, repairs and hybrid car maintenance services.

For 24-hour mechanics offering hybrid car maintenance services in Park Gate, Fareham and surrounding areas, please call us on 07723 028458.