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Tips For How to Check if Your Car Needs Servicing

At EJ’s Motor Services Ltd, our mobile mechanics are accomplished at completing a range of specialist services, including mobile fleet management and 24-hour mechanic services, as well as full and interim mobile servicing. This is key to ensuring that your vehicle stays running smoothly and that any issues are discovered early before they become larger repairs that are expensive and stressful. We provide these services for all types of customers and clients in Fareham and all of the surrounding areas. 

We also provide complete electric car repairs and hybrid car maintenance services. 

As established mechanics, we can come to your home, work or undertake servicing checks and repairs roadside depending on your needs. We complete work at a time and place that suits you to save time and hassle. Here, we have listed some tips for how to know if your car may need servicing.

Strange Sounds

Any sounds, including knocking, ticking or sounds that aren’t normal, are usually an indicator that something may be wrong. If any noise gets louder or intensifies at all, you should pull over as soon as you find a safe place and call EJ’s Motor Services for accomplished mobile mechanics.

For less aggressive noises such as rattling or clicking, customers can contact us at any time to have servicing completed at their convenience. If you are worried at all, call us, and we will be happy to advise you on any possible issues and the required checks or work to be undertaken. This will save you time and money and minimise damage in the future.

Brakes Feeling Different

Brakes can become less effective over time, and as a vital safety feature of all vehicles, they should always be checked on a regular basis. Our mobile mechanics complete comprehensive mobile servicing checks to ensure the safety of your vehicle. We undertake regular service checks as part of our mobile fleet management service and can complete servicing during our 24-hour mechanic services. If you find yourself having to put your foot down harder, your brake pads may be worn and need replacing, or you may be leaking fluid. Our expert team can resolve both issues quickly and efficiently for all customers in Fareham.

Liquid Dripping

Some puddles that appear under cars are completely harmless, such as ones caused by air conditioning, condensation exhaust drops or the inclement British weather. Coloured liquid is more of a concern because dark-coloured liquids may be a warning sign of leaking brake fluid or power steering fluid. These can lead to dangerous issues such as losing control over your vehicle or failing brakes, which is why it is important to get your vehicle checked as soon as you can if you notice liquid dripping. 

Always pay attention to your dashboard warning lights and make sure to arrange our quality mobile servicing so you can stay running smoothly and road safe.

Slow Starts

If your electric or hybrid car is slow to start or a series of warning lights have appeared on your dashboard, don’t ignore either issue. It’s important to have your vehicle checked out as soon as possible. We specialise in electric car repairs and hybrid car maintenance services, arriving at the source of the problem quickly and effectively and putting you back on the road within an acceptable timeframe.

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