Electric Car Repairs in Fareham, Park Gate and the Surrounding Areas

In addition to our wide range of 24-hour mobile servicing and repairs, our mechanics at EJ’s Motor Services Ltd also carry out hybrid car maintenance services and electric car repairs for clients in Fareham, Park Gate and the surrounding areas we cover. We go above and beyond for all our customers, ensuring a safe and reliable journey regardless of the distance involved. 

For 24-hour mechanics who get the job done, no one beats our qualified and experienced team.


Does Your Electric Car Needs Servicing?

Yes, it does. Although it may not require the same attention as a standard diesel or petrol car, it’s still imperative that you keep your vehicle in good condition by having it regularly serviced by qualified and skilled mechanics. This guarantees the ongoing efficiency of the car, ensuring its range and overall performance. 

The electric car repairs offered by our mobile mechanics are vital for safety and roadworthiness. 

We offer both interim and full services designed around mileage and current conditions. These include the following checks:

  • Oil Levels and Filter Changes

  • Braking Systems

  • Battery and Charging Systems 

  • Electrical Connections and Wiring 

  • Tyres (In Use and Spares)

  • Suspension and Steering Systems

  • Air Filters

  • Lights and Windshield Wipers

  • Fluid Levels

Should we find fault with anything, our EJ’s Motor Services team aims to rectify the issue swiftly, proving the reliability of our electric car repairs.

Signs to Watch Out For

If you notice any of the following problems, call us immediately. Our 24-hour mobile mechanics will travel to your location, home, or work, arriving within an acceptable timeframe:

If the car is not starting as efficiently as it should, the problem could be related to the battery, starter, or other electrical components. The battery may also be the reason why you’re experiencing a diminished range. Any unusual noise, such as whining or grinding, may indicate an issue with the motor. 

You may find the car is not holding its charge for several reasons. For example, electric vehicles that won’t charge or take an unusually long time to do so may have electrical issues requiring attention. Of course, the battery or even the charging station itself could be at fault. 

Please don’t ignore any warning lights; it’s essential to have these checked as soon as possible by qualified and experienced mechanics. Our electric car repairs are trusted by many in Fareham, Park Gate and the surrounding areas, so if you have a problem with your electric car, you know who to trust.

Please call EJ’s Motor Services’ 24-hour mechanics on 07723 028458 for electric car repairs in Fareham, Park Gate and the surrounding areas.